Disciples Community Church, Bangalore

Full gospel, multicultural and community-oriented English church at Horamavu Agara, near Banaswadi, Bangalore.

Do I need prayer?

Prayer can be a transforming experience in your life, it will surely help you to go in an upward direction.

Through prayer life you can experience salvation, prosperity and progress. Are you going through a difficult

situation in your life – related to your family, stressful situation at your work place or unknown fear?


Dear friend,

Warmest greeting to you! We would like to talk to you about prayer and how it could help you lead a wonderful life. Tough situations are common in every person’s life and sometimes they are difficult to explain even to closest friends. For you, it could a specific family situation, an unknown fear or a particularly stressful situation at your work place. “When any one prays, the angels that minister to God and watch over mankind gather round about the person and join with him or her…” says the Bible. The Bible further says, “The angel of the Lord (God) encamps around those who fear him and he delivers him” Psalms 34:7. Prayer can transform your life from helplessness to a positive upward direction. You can experience God’s saving grace as well as progress and prosperity by leading a life of prayer.

The Bible promises and predicts the human destiny while presenting a God who lives and hears our prayers. Anyone who finds a little time to read the Bible will come to know that it is the universal truth of life. Also, it is not a burden for anyone to follow but is wonderfully practical and God given. The Bible is otherwise called the Word of God. Yes, when you start reading the Bible, worship the God of the Bible and pray, things are really going to change in your life. The Bible will show you salvation and a joyful way of life, breaking all fate in your life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

We are a small community dedicated to praying for you. We would like to pray for the urgent issues in your life, only if you wish, and offer our fellowship.

God bless you.


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